About Meg

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Meg has years of experience in leading through transition. From major changes in highly-regulated industries to managing through $100M acquisition, Meg has refined skills in understanding people through change. Her studies in organizational psychology and mastery in leadership concepts ensure that your people are taken care of. Period.

Meg has a passion for helping other realize their full potential – breaking down social and personal barriers – changing their story. Her innate ability to recognize opportunity in weakness and present a strategic solution is unprecedented in today’s business world.
Meg is a ranch kid from western South Dakota, where she still puts in a hard day’s work on the family place. Ranch life gave her sticktoittiveness, passion for family and outdoors, and maybe a touch of stubbornness. Meg is an avid runner, an advocate of the well-rounded education of youth, and a major supporter of finding humor in all things.

7 Reasons to Hire Meg Kokesh McNeese

1. You want innovative solutions, not the same old teamwork talks you’ve heard before.

Meg is the COO and head of training for her consulting firm that founded the iX principal, which is the concept of increasing your organizational efficiency by leveraging the energy of your teams.

2. You want actionable content that you can use immediately to transform your culture.

A lot of people talk about WHAT do to (like “be more about the people!”)… Meg actually shows you step by step how to do it.  There are three prongs to this approach.

  1. HELiX Culture Types: We utilize an assessment that evaluates the work preferences of team members to showcase how they work with others and more importantly, how a group works together
  2. Kurtz Change Transition Model™: We educate teams on how the different HELiX Culture Types navigate through change and what process each follows.
  3. Leadership Strategy: We educate and focus the group on core values, vision, and accountability and empathy together as a strategy to ingrain that new culture into the organization.
3. You’re ready to hear and act on what no one wants to say.

Meg will help you engage in candid conversations.  No more dancing around the issue.  Let’s finally talk about what everyone is afraid to say out loud!

4. You want a fresh perspective that based on solid research.

If you’re tired of hearing the same old solutions, you’ll love how Meg empowers you to evolve to the next stage of creating a super-machine out of your workforce.  Meg is not someone who’s just read a book or two on this subject.  She actually wrote one, an important, widely used one.

5. You want someone with REAL life experience, not just a scholar.

Meg has run businesses, managed and led people in real time through major change.  She’ll share so much more than just stories.  She has the expertise that made these transformational stories happen.

6. You want HUMOR!

Fun and reality make the best environment for learning.  Meg will engage with your audience through story-telling, quick activities and walking the floor.  This makes things memorable AND retainable… as well as keeping your audience off their phones during the event.

7. You want REAL customization.

Meg will not only customize before the presentation… she customizes DURING the presentation by adjusting to the conversation she’s having with your audience.  She’ll do her homework and really understand what you want your audience to learn about.