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Transform Your Culture To Improve Your Creativity, Innovation

and Long-Term Retention

The Danger of Unspoken Conversations

The number one killer of good teams is divisive cliques.  Gossip, backbiting, and a general lack of trust are the primary culprits for low production and creativity. Meg Kokesh McNeese will share how you can use “The Mad Hatter Principal” to turn debates and conflicts into useful conversations and achieve transparent communication.  The goal here is to create a real sense of accountability within an organization as well as to define common core values to guide the attitudes and actions of everyone in the organization.

Innovation From Within

This program is designed to help your teams capitalize on the opportunity presented by change.  While everyone else is worried about “minimizing damage” and surviving the changing tide, they miss opportunities for innovation.  Meg will show you how to leverage the chaos to tap into your creative potential and spend less energy on internally fighting the change.

Internal Experience Leadership

A first class customer experience starts with a commitment to a superior IX™(internal experience) for your employees.  This program is designed to help you develop a plan for empowering your employees to serve better by first serving them.  After your time with Meg, you’ll know how to focus on the culture of the company to deal with change and resolve issues in a way that puts your employees first.

Generational Differences

This program is focused on helping your audience set aside the cultural and generational differences and focus on the common ground.  This will allow them to experience a powerful team unity and superior workflow.  It’s the similarities that make true teamwork possible and when your people engage in this shift in perspective, they’ll experience a profound improvement to their productivity and job satisfaction.


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